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Imagine your very own magnificent Scottish manor resting in the most perfect of settings. This is Ledgowan, welcoming families and groups looking for an exceptional experience of being together.


This beautiful self-catering accommodation is for up to twenty five people but at the same time, despite the size and space, Ledgowan is as perfect for smaller groups and families as it is larger groups given its layout and its ambience, with en-suite rooms opened according to the needs and size of the group, all along one level.

Up to forty delegates can be accommodated in a boardroom setting or more in a theatre style. The small conference room is perfect for up to ten delegates and the cosy lounges are ideally suited for more informal meetings, hangouts and those lovely spontaneous conversations.


Ledgowan is ideal for groups with special activity interests. One of the most perfect ways to enjoy Ledgowan is as a wonderful retreat as you step into another world and feel the stresses and strains of everyday life drop away at the door.

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